Shanghai Kuko Packing Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, located in SongJiang District, Shanghai, China. We are high-tech firm which has been recognized by Shanghai Government and has passed ISO9001:2008 certificate, as well as CE certificate. We specialize in the segment of automatic packaging equipment development and manufacturing. In order to help customers to improve efficiency, save resources and reduce production costs. We can research and manufacture automatic packaging machinery according to the customer’s specific requirements. Besides the automatic packaging machine, we also committed to the development and manufacture of packaging machinery. Our main products include: sealing & shrink wrapping machine, automatic integration of unmanned systems equipment, conveyors and other standard & non-standard machinery.

With the advanced equipments, technology and advanced circuit devices, spare parts which from the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, Taiwan and other countries and regions, Our company has accumulated rich experience of mechanical design, automatic controller and the manufacturing of packaging machinery. Over the years, with absorbing a large amount of professional talent in the field of mechanical, electronics, automatic technology and management, and Long-term cooperation with Shanghai, Jiangsu and other government departments, colleges and universities, which strengthened our technology and the ability of R&D team, and promoted our company management modernization, standardization, and internationalization. These measures increase our packing machine’s technology, reduce production costs and product’s market price, improve the cost – effective of our products, and allow users to get higher quality pre-sales and after-sales service. Our company already has dozens of practical patents and several invention patents.

The policy of our company is: Professional manufacture, excellence, scale operation and credibility. Because our packaging machine with high quality, high efficiency, energy-saving, environmental protection, beautiful, strong, durable etc, which are very popular among the customers in the domestic and the overseas markets. Your packaging experts, we “wisdom” made!

Our company’s entrepreneurial spirit is: integrity. Our company advocates the principle–users-supremacy. All the designs of the packing machine are based on the customers’ interests. And then improve our products according to their views by absorbing customers’ feedback. Also, if your esteemed company has special requirements, we are willing to customize for you. Our company will provide one year’s warranty and lifetime maintenance services. We are convinced that: people want elegant clothing, goods need delicate packaging.

Any comments and suggestions, please contact our customer-service department. Your opinion is important to us, just like you are very important to us!

Because professional – So we know our deficiencies;
Because serious – So we do not allow our own mistakes;
Because integrity – So we focus on own strengths;
Because the limitations – So we are looking for multi-party cooperation;
Because thanks – So we have to return customers.